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     Hello, my name is LaWanda and I am married to my husband, Curt, and we have two amazing human children, Joshua and Hailey Jane. And of course many amazing furry children, Pippy, Patsy, Ms Kitty, Gracie, Rosie, and Watson. We are Maltese lovers and enthusiasts. I raise Maltese puppies, and work for an oilfield company that my husband runs. I have also studied natural health for people and animals for about 8 years. I am also certified through AKC collage in the subjects of canine breeding and genetics.

    Although I had studied the Maltese breed for about a year before adopting, I really fell in love with the Maltese breed when I got our first baby, Pippy. He fit in my pocket and stole my heart the day I picked him up! I was amazed at how unique this breed is. Books do not even describe. They are not like owning any other dog breed. They are more like people in my opinion, that they are so compassionate and intelligent. They have something about them that consumes you.
Their sweet face, soft coat, and gentle cuddle take you to another place. Owning one is a lifelong bond with something precious. They are truly a treasure and I am honored to have such devotion by my side. My difficult journey in finding the perfect Maltese is what brought me to start raising them. I came across many puppy mills and bad environments during my journey. To make a long story short, I am happy to offer a good experience to others in their journey of adoption. And I just love sharing the magic that a Maltese brings! 

Our goal in raising Maltese puppies is to raise healthy, well behaved puppies that stand out from other breeders. We strive for perfection everyday in our manner and potty training, socialization, and heath of body and mind. And we hope to bless homes with the happiness that owning a Maltese brings us every day.

In our efforts to raise the healthiest, happiest puppies. We only feed the best holistic and organic foods and use a RO filtered water system. Our dogs see our Veterinarian on a regular basis and are registered and DNA tested with the American Kennel Club. Our puppies are micro chipped for safety and state health certified before leaving our care. They have had the best start to lead a healthy life... Physically and emotionally.
 If you're here just browsing, I hope you enjoy all our cute photo's and helpful information. If you are here looking for a puppy, thank you for considering Little Maltese for all your adoption needs! We hope to bring lots of happiness to you and your family, and earn your respect as a quality, family breeder.

    We raise our puppies in our home with lots of love and care. Our puppies are not numbers, they are our family. We are not a kennel, we are a home. And our puppies are available on a limited basis. But they are worth the wait if there are none available. If you would like to adopt a puppy or reserve a future puppy, feel free to contact us! We are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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