If you are ready to commit to adopting a puppy and/or waiting for one, 

please read through all our site information, and then fill out the form below. 

Please fill it out completely and tell us a little about your family so we may know you better.


Upon approval of your adoption form, 

we will email you to make arrangements to place a nonrefundable 

$300 deposit to hold your puppy and/or spot on the waiting list.

 This deposit is a good faith gesture of intention and 

will go towards your adoption price of $3000. 


Depending on how you plan to obtain your puppy,

 a delivery fee may also be added to your invoice at time of deposit.

If using PayPal for your deposit, 

 we will email you an invoice to pay through. 

A 3.5% PayPal transaction fee is added to PayPal invoice.

Your spot on the waiting list is immediate using PayPal. 

If sending a check, your spot is reserved as soon as we receive your payment. 

Once your deposit is made... 

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Thank you for choosing Little Maltese!

We are honored to serve your adoption needs 

and we look forward to welcoming you into our furry little family!



Again, please fill out the form below completely.

We need this information to contact you, 

for our AKC file, to fill out your registration papers, 

health certificate, micro chip, and care contract.

 It also allows us to get to know you and provide you with information 

according to your needs and experiences with this breed. 

Respectfully, know that we do perform a soft background search 

on all our adopters. This is for the safety of our puppies, 

family, and the avoidance of scams. 






Adoption Request Form

Please add me to the Little Maltese waiting list. ($300 Deposit Required) I prefer ...

Upon approval of your adoption, are you prepared to place your nonrefundable $300 deposit?

How do you plan on obtaining your puppy?

Maltese have different needs than some other breeds, it's important that you read about the care needed to ensure a happy adoption.

Have you ever owned a Maltese before?

Do you have children?

If you have children, how old are they?

Is this puppy a gift for someone?

Are you interested in breeding this pet?

Are you interested in showing this pet at events?

Thank you for considering Little maltese for your adoption needs and taking the time to fill out this form. It is truely helpful in matching puppies to homes and making the adoption experience a delightful one!.

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