Little Maltese now offers boarding/pet sitting to previous customers only.

Price for boarding is $40.00/ per day. Per Maltese.


Meaning: When we have puppies in our care, boarding is declined. Boarding is only available when our breeding females are at rest. This is to ensure the health of our puppies during immune susceptible times according to their age.

Boarding/Pet sitting will involve caring for your Maltese while you are away on vacation or as


This service is only available to previous adopters. 

Your Maltese will be cared for in our family home setting, underfoot, and free of playpens,

 unless other instructions are given or if your Maltese is not fully potty-trained to our needs.

Your Maltese will be cared for with the utmost respect, compassion, and love we would give

 our own Maltese. Your Maltese will receive love, comfort, playtime, and knowledgeable care 

while you are away.

Your precious Maltese will be in the good hands that raised them.

Conditions of Care:

~Your Maltese must be up to date on all vaccinations.

~Your Maltese must be recently screened and/or treated for intestinal parasites & heart-worm.

~Your Maltese must be free of / or treated for fleas & ticks.

~Your Maltese must be free of any distress, illness, rashes, ear mites, fleas, ringworm, mange, or

 any other contagious and/or zoological diseases.

~ A current health certificate or examination report from your licensed veterinarian is required.

~ A detailed notice of any medicinal needs, allergies, medication schedules, or diet challenged

must be presented for proper care.

~ An extra charge of $30.00/per pet will be applied if extra grooming is requested/required.

 (Bathing, hair cutting, nail trims, etc. Anything outside of normal daily combing.)

~ Customer will provide food, puppy pads, treats, toys, and bedding for the comfort of their 

pet during their stay.

~Any emergency or breeder suspected vet care or needs/visits will be refunded by the 


~Emergency Vet and family contact phone numbers will be be required.

Your personal contact information is required along with details of where

 you can be reached while away. 

Boarding Request