Our glop is a concoction of plain yogurt, 4 % cottage cheese, NutriSource wet dog food, goats milk, and omega fish oil. We use this recipe sometimes to supplement our dog and puppies diet when our females are pregnant, nursing, and when puppies are young. But mostly I am posting this recipe as a recovering hypoglycemia attack diet.

Glop is a good source of extra carbs to assist blood sugar levels, omega oils for brain development, protein for energy, and fat, if needed. The goats milk adds many vital nutrients, calcium, helps regulate blood sugar, and more. And the yogurt adds beneficial bacteria for a healthy intestinal tract, which also boosts the immune system.

This recipe is perfect for puppies in hypoglycemic distress. Honey and sugar work great for a quick fix to low blood sugar, but puppies in severe distress and recovery need carbs from a recipe such as this to keep blood sugar levels stable for a much longer period of time. A distressed puppy can be fed this recipe 3-4 times a day until puppy is in stable condition.

Combine all ingredients well. You may have to feed using a syringe if your puppy is too weak to eat.

I store and freeze my glop batched in zip lock freezable containers. Or freeze in yogurt cups or ice cube trays for small amounts.

It freezes well. Thaw in fridge overnight when needed.