Maltese do not have fur like average dogs. They have hair without an undercoat. This hair is very fine and tangles easily. It is imperative that you keep them groomed daily to prevent painful matting. You may need to take your puppy to a local groomer on a regular basis if you plan to grow their coat out. Be prepared for this added expense.

If you keep your puppy in a puppy cut, which is a short hair cut, you won't have to groom as often, but please do not neglect grooming.
And if you feel you do not have time for this responsibility, please consider adopting a different breed of puppy. Please keep our pets out of the shelters!

Maltese also get excess hair down in their ear canal. If you are not visiting a groomer, be sure to pay close attention to the ears. This hair can matt inside of their ears and cause pain and ear infections, especially if you pull the hair out all the time. Many Vet and breeders suggest ear hair pulling. We grow ear hair out and keep it combed and trimmed in order to prevent constant ear canal irritation. We use Halo herbal ear wash and we have never had an ear infection in any of our Maltese.


Little Maltese uses many different bathing

 brands and products depending on the coat

 type but you will find all of our favorite

 brands on this page!



Did you know that Maltese have very fare skin

 and are prone to sunburn?

Don't forget your pet friendly sun protection!

Here are
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Visit Maltese Obsession on YouTube for many more wonderful videos

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 All dogs naturally get tear staining, but in the Maltese breed, it is much more noticeable as they have white coats. Tear staining can be caused by many factors, but most commonly it's simply because your dog/puppy has hair poking them in the eye which causes tearing. Be sure to keep your pets hair out of his eyes. When the puppies are young, often you may have to wash their face with a warm rag to keep the hair out of the eyes until it has grown long enough.

If you have a new puppy, you are most likely dealing with staining due to teething. When puppies teethe, they do tear. If this is the case, it usually clears up after teething has ended. You can use Eye Envy topical solution & powder together to erase the stains if you wish. It works best if using both the liquid and powder religiously.

If your dog continues to have issues with staining that does not subside, he may have a mild ear or tear duct infection, commonly caused by yeast and allergies, commonly wheat, which also can cause tear staining. If you think your dog might have an infection, take him to your vet immediately. Constant scratching, rubbing ears on the ground, or discharge from the ear might be present in ear infection cases. Too much drainage, redness, oozing, etc can be symptoms of tear duct infection. Keep your dogs eyes and ears clean. Sanitize ears after every bath with Halo's herbal ear wash. We have used it forever and none of our dogs have ever had an ear infection.

A common ingredient in pet foods called "beet pulp" will also cause eye tearing. If this is listed on your pet's food, you may consider switching the diet.

Sometimes water quality can also cause eye tearing. We highly suggest to install a reverse osmosis water system in your home for you and your pets. People we have suggested this to have reported back with 100% clearing of tear stains after use of the R.O. system. We use an R.O. system here at Little Maltese as well. You can find a system in our Amazon store or contact your local Culligan dealer.

One of our past"go-to" products for our adults was Angels Eyes. Sometimes our females get tearing during pregnancy and when the puppies are gone, we put them on a 3 month regimen of Angels Eyes and it always clears it up beautifully! But, they have since changed their formula and it is no longer effective. We will also apply the Eye Envy topical to speed up the process.

Probiotics to replace the "good gut" bacteria in our pets intestines is always a good idea. very helpful for keeping yeast in check.

Worth mentioning is that our Maltese have had zero eye tearing since we have switched them to a Maltese breed appropriate diet. We free feed NutriSource grain free chicken or lamb dry food and fresh foods. You can find our diet resources on our diet page and in our store.

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