Here are some examples of our past puppies, along with any customer taken and submitted photos and comments.
If you would like to submit a much appreciated testimonial for Little Maltese, simply send us an email titled "Testimonial" and attach any photos you want us to share. Thank you!

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"I looked for over a year for the right breeder! Never met a breeder that cares so much about each and every puppy bred; and, cares deeply about who adopts a puppy. Be prepared to really read the Little Maltese Website; to read and understand the contract; and, to be a phenomenal pet parent! These babies are the cutest most beautiful Maltese that you've ever seen...with such a delightful temperament. Can't believe my good fortune in finding Little Maltese!!!"








Moshi & Lacy went home with the Schrimpf family! Came for one, left with two!



"Lacy and Moshi did wonderfully on the way home. They were a bit nervous at first which we expected, but settled down and slept quite a bit of the way. They ate and drank and used their puppy pads unfailingly! Dave was VERY impressed! J At first I had to hand feed to get them to eat (I did NOT want them to get sick!), but after a few minutes they started eating from the bowl. Poor babies were on a journey they had not expected! LOL

 We got home about 10:00 p.m. and settled them in for the night. They whined for about 5 minutes but then calmed down and slept all night.

 We are so looking forward to life with these two precious babies.

 We enjoyed meeting you and your family. We could have talked for hours had we not needed to get on the road. Rest assured that we will keep in touch and let you know how they are growing and adjusting."


Moshi is doing great and Lacy is right at home. The trip home was perfect. For dogs that have never traveled, they did exceptionally well for a 9 hour drive. They both are using the pads like champs. They love to play together and now they are taking a little nap, both in the same bed. Tomorrow they go see the vet so we will see how they do outside of home. Moshi melts my heart when he gives that sideways look and Lacy is just beautiful. She prances like a little show dog! Thanks a million to Little Maltese for allowing Moshi to be part of our lives. I know it was hard to let him go because he is a very special pup. And Lacy will always be our princess."

"Our vet was very charmed by them both, especially Moshi. He is so patient and calm. Lacy did not want the doc to look in her mouth though! Doc was very impressed by their demeanor and overall excellent health."




"Lacy and Moshi say: Hi Sis! (Gracie) Happy birthday to all of us! We are doing great in Missouri. Our new parents have the best lake house with a huge deck. We ran and ran around it until we passed out from all the fun. We are eating well and learning our boundaries in the house. Tomorrow we get to go to the groomers and we start puppy kindergarten on Monday. So excited!"

 Love, L & M.


 "First of all, we want to thank LaWanda for all of the training she’s given the puppies.  It’s obvious from their behavior that she’s spent hours pad training, socializing and playing with them. Not only does she ensure the new families have more than they need for the ride home and settling in to their new home, the continuing support is fabulous!

 Both Lacy and Moshi are gentle with our grandkids, and the groomer said they were very well behaved at their first appointment.  They play well together, and keep each other amused by chasing each other, wrestling and both insisting they have the same toy at the same time!  This interaction between them is another testament that they’ve been given loving care since day one, with LaWanda knowing the importance of the pack mentality within dogs, and strengthening that with the puppies.  They look up to us as their pack leaders, and are always wanting to please.

 Not only are these puppies very well behaved, they are so loving towards each other and to us.  There was literally NO adjustment period needed to get them acclimated to their new home or to us.  They fit right in immediately and have had no issues other than being a little lonely during the night.  They travel very well, and they are not timid or shy in the least.  Neither are they aggressive, but rather charming and may I say, sophisticated!  It seems they know when it’s okay to play and romp, and when it’s time to be calm and laid-back.  Both of them love to snuggle and take naps while being held.

 We were very blessed that Curt and LaWanda entrusted us with Moshi. We know how hard it was to let him go after deciding his forever home would be with them. We are very happy to have Lacy and Moshi with us now, and look forward to a long and happy life together. If another puppy is in our future, it will most definitely be a puppy from Little Maltese!"


David and Jan Schrimpf



"Going perfectly!! He's definitely family. We don't know what we ever did without him. Here's some new(ish) pics. He's getting his first hair cut Thursday.

We love having him! He was the perfect fit for us!"






"I have never had an experience adopting a puppy like u have given us with adding little Jasper to
Our family. U truly care and want your adoptive parents to be informed and I sooo appreciate that! U were very patient with me as I worked through my obstacles to make it there and took your time with me when I finally did! I have had all of my questions this last 8 days answered by your website so I haven't had to bother you! Jasper is one of our kids now and you will def receive our family picture at Christmas with him included! Thanks for loving him for us until we could!  U can def, if you wish, post this until
I get something written for u because there is so much
More I want to say!"
Thanks again!



"Jasper (aka Carter) never even had an adjustment period! He settled in like he belonged here all along. We are so blessed to have him in our lives and are hoping to adopt a sister in the future! I highly recommend Little Maltese! I can't see ever adopting from anyone else! It was like adopting a human child! My Jasper is using his puppy pads flawlessly which takes the stress of having a new fur family member totally out of the equation. He came to me already acting fetch and very lovingly socialized! I can't say enough great things about LaWanda and her care for her furbabies and fur grandbabies and her human children are awesome as well! They entertained my Human child while I visited, got to know, and learned about my new furbaby.

Thanks again so much!"

Then, The Allison's came back and got little Jaxie Gracie!!....







"Hey! We kept Bravely's name. When I took him to the vet she told him he was brave so I new that Bravely was his name. She thought he was beautiful and had a good personality. 
He is the best little man. He comes when we call him and is doing well on potty training. I put him on a leash and take him out to the grass a couple of times a day. He uses the potty pads the rest of the time.
We think he is the best Maltese we have ever had! He came home with us and acted like he had been with us forever. He never whined or cried he made himself right at home. And has good manners. I don't know what ya'll do that makes your  Maltese different , but they are, even all the ones you had the day we came were so good . I loved the Mama dogs they reminded me of Blonde and Dagwood's little family it was an old show on tv a long time ago."
Thanks Marva







Dear LaWanda and Curt,

Just wanted to send you a note to express my gratitude to you both! As a Maltese lover I searched for 
months trying to find a breeder who admired and respected the breed as much as I do!
I am so blessed to have found Little Maltese! You both are so knowledgeable, professional and caring
to both your puppies and customers! I have to say that our sweet Ruby has been the most perfect addition to our family! She is so sweet
and loves our other Maltese (Priscilla) already! We've love her persistence with Priscilla, she never
gives up in efforts to win Priscilla's affection! Proves how well you socialize the puppies and it's helped
Priscilla in the transition of learning she's not the only baby anymore! They have been playing tag and
I can tell they will be fast friends! For anyone who's looking for adding a fur baby to the family, why wouldn't you want a maltese? And if
you want a Maltese you should look no further than Little Maltese! Thanks again LaWanda and I look forward to our life long friendship! I love that Ruby has made us
family! Here's some more pictures to enjoy! You know you'll be getting pictures every week for awhile :) Love, Kelly and Jake The girls and I








"Bella is doing great, she has settled

 right in, sleeps with me every night,

 and has not had one potty mistake

She uses the pads every time and is

 starting to learn to go to the door

 to go outside!

She's a smart girl and I

 absolutely love her!"






"I thank the Beyers for my wonderful little angel Baby.  I couldn't get a baby until she was 7 months old because I was moving to a new house, so the Beyers took care of her for a long time. 

I picked her up yesterday in Dallas at the airport where the Beyers met me. Baby was great on the flight home. Not a whimper!  She slept the whole way home. Last night she was perfect. She slept 8 hours and didn't make a sound all night. 

She is perfectly trained. She immediately found her potty pad.  She comes when called every time.  I haven't heard her fuss once. She just goes with the flow. 

I couldn't ask for a better dog or breeder. LaWanda was there for me every step of the way. She takes such good care of her pups and makes sure they are in the best of health. I would recommend her absolutely!  She has answered my millions of questions and sent me pictures and videos of Baby along the way.  I already love this precious girl so much. Thank you so much, LaWanda!"

Susie K.

"She is the best dog!  She never complains about anything.  She barked once when there was a

 bunny in the backyard but other than that, she doesn't make a peep!"



"Peyton (Snow Bear) did excellent his first night! He slept just about the whole way home and was ready for some play and bone chewing time, he just loves that blue bone! He ate his dinner like a good little boy, and went to sleep in his crate. He did very little whining the first night! He did whine his second night, but he is catching on! We just love him so! Pics coming soon!"


"Snow Bear is really showing his personality! He is very loving and full of fun! His favorite game is keep away, and he keeps all of his toys nicely tucked away in his bed in our living room. He knows how to sit, stay, and come! Pretty soon he'll be ready to learn some tricks :)"

As always, feel free to share our story!




"Thanks again for our little darling!  We couldn't be more pleased.  She is happy and healthy and settling in well.  I'm especially excited how well-socialized she is; she's had no trouble adjusting to life with our cat and other dog. They all play together happily. Princess' favorite trick is to grab one of the dog toys and hide under the coffee table with it--it cracks us up every time!"




"Good afternoon Lawanda! This is Jenna, Jayden's mommy. Sorry we haven't been in touch, we have been so busy lately! I wanted to share with you a few pictures of Mozi. We are loving him and he has been such a blessing to our family! This is his journey with us so far. From him coming home to now. We also took in a rescue yorkie shortly after Mozi, Ryder has become Mozi's best friend. You will see a few of them together! Hope you enjoy. We sure have. :)

Mozi is such a character! He loves to be in your lap and cuddle. He is like a human baby. He lays in your arms upside down and snuggles. Mozi can't stand it if he can't see your hands! He has to be able to see them. If you watch the video I attached this is what he does if he can't see your hands. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. He also loves to wear his sweaters. I crocheted him a pink camp sweater, I should have done green since he's a boy, but he loved it! He has his little unique personality traits that make him such an amazing puppy for our family. He is growing though, and we love it. What cracks me up is that they both have their own beds, but as you see they choose to snuggle. I think being together helps them while we are at work! As soon as we walk in the door though, Mozi barks until you pick him up. He is so welcoming! We just want to thank you. Mozi has been wonderful for Jayden and our family and we don't know what we would do without him."

"We are Mozart's family! I just want you to know how much of a joy he has been to our lives. We love him so very much. He is the most cuddly, loving, and rotten baby. We celebrated his 1st birthday and are coming up soon on his second. We could t imagine life without him. He loves to sit upright like a human by your side and watch tv with us. It's so amusing. Also, he will not stop nudging until your hand is rubbing his head. He loves it! He does many tricks and definitely keeps us entertained. It's fun just to sit there and watch his mannerisms. We just wanted to give you an update! I'll find some more pictures soon."


"She had  a rough ride home..  Mostly all over my son!  She replenished quickly when she got here.  She drank lots of water and she and Sugar Pie are best friends.  She ate really good last night and is feeling wonderful today and giving Sugar a run for her money LOL.  She is so precious.  She is loving all the toys we have here and she has really taken to Sugar Pie.  She and Sugar are asleep together right now or I would take their picture.  I will send one quickly.  She is a doll baby and I am already so in love with her.  I will send pictures soon.  Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful gift of a healthy puppy."


"...She is just a doll baby and such sweet attitude.  We are truly blessed to have these babies in our home and lives.  I just wish they would stop growing so fast! LOL.  I will keep the pics coming."


 "Dear LaWanda and Curt,

           This e-mail is wayyy over due on our little Peanut.  We dropped the Puff Puff because she is such a diva and it just didn’t fit!  The other puppy we adopted at almost the same time had to go the day before being spayed.  She had become aggressive towards Layla and peanut and I won’t stand for that.  My babies come first and her hair was also coming in brown!  I knew there was some in breeding going on.  Had to do it.  We also put in an RO system and no more tears!  She is a diva like I said before.  She is a big mommas baby and is very mild mannered and so darn obedient!  She is such a doll and she and Layla are best friend.  Layla has lost so much weight from them running through this large house.  Peanut has NEVER been to the vet.  We have a mobile groomer and a mobile vet.  The only thing she has had done is her shots.  She lays on me every night to sleep.  She and Layla have 4 full baskets of toys and trust me, she is so spoiled.  I cannot wait to get another, but I will never trust my Maltese from anyone but you!  Our groomer comes every week and he says she needs to be on a calander, that her hair is so beautiful.  We keep it long and she carries herself like the princess she is.  I cannot tell you how happy we are with her.  I am sure if she could type, she would say the same.  She gets her treats from daddy in the am and then from mama after daddy leaves.  They have us pretty well trained!  We adore Peanut so much.  She and Layla are sisters to the end.  I just wanted to keep you updated and we have just been so busy.  Moved my 87 YO mom a few blocks from us.  Keeps on the run for sure.  Just letting you know that you can rest assured your lil Peanut has us wrapped around her paw and she is healthy and oh so happy.  This is where Chris and I are happy.  We cannot give them enough love daily, but they sure get it.  She barks at the mailman daily and he always jumps.  Cracks me up.  This tiny thing with a shrill bark like she has.  She is our doll baby and we love her so much.  I am attaching some pics when she was younger and then a little older.  Thanks for letting us have such a wonderful baby." 

                                                         Leslie & Chris Streets, Layla and Peanut.


Hi LaWanda,

"The first night went amazingly well! We got home pretty late, so after some dinner and quiet snuggles, we were all ready for bed. Winston slept through the night in his carrier/bed snuggled under his familiar blankie with a little stuffed pig I got him as his pillow. (Too cute for words!)

On Monday, Winston got to enjoy a sleepover with his Grandma and Papa until I began my Fall Break late Tuesday. It killed me to be away from him (already!) but he could not have been in better hands! They have a duplicate "nursery" set-up in their laundry room, so with his bed and things, he feels safe and happy in both places. I got frequent text updates and Winston got loved on as only grandparents can provide. Perfection!

Now that we're home, everyone is getting settled in nicely. His big sister, 10 yr old tabby cat Ginger, has been wary but kind given the indignity of having to give up her only child status. This afternoon they even played a friendly game of chase, complete with turn-taking. A mother loves to see her children get along!

My full-time job today has been to follow Winston around and puppy-proof as he "discovers" all kinds of things to put into his mouth, including Ginger's food. We found a new spot for her dish, and she was gracious, so all is going well.

I suppose Winston is teething right now? He really gets after his small rope toy and some skinny chew sticks from his Papa, but I'm afraid Mr. Pig may be taking one for the team. Any tips? I've just been redirecting him with more appropriate things to nibble on when he chews on clothing, etc.

Speaking of training, he is successfully using his puppy pads with great aplomb. Thank you for that! It's been a wonderful option as we plan for potty training! Winston is such a people pleaser and loves to be praised and played with when he does good... which is to say, always. He does whimper when first put in his room, but he settles down quickly. We're *both* working on building our separation stamina (ha-ha!) and today he took an afternoon nap in his bed for over 30 minutes.

From the diaper bag of goodies, to the endless stream of great advice, you have provided so much to help Winston make a happy and healthy transition to his new home. I cannot thank you enough!"

Best wishes and warm regards,

"I would be delighted for you to share Winston's story. 
He is a very happy little guy! He loves to play and snuggle and explore. And he's smart, too! 
He's already started to let me know when he needs to go outside, and we only introduced him to "his" yard yesterday! His floppy ears and wide grin are a sight when proudly bounces across the grass after doing his business.
I look forward to enjoying all his milestones. One of the firsts will be Halloween. He has a Mickey Mouse costume... Stinking. Adorable. (How long the ears stay on is another thing... Haha.)
Thanks, again, for everything. We'll keep you posted as our little man grows.
ps Did you get his first night picture? I can resend it if not.
Take care!"

We reached three milestones this week!

1. First haircut. Isn't he handsome?

2. First halloween. He outgrew the tiny Mickey Mouse costume I had, but a friend got him the cutest Halloween sweater!

3. He now runs over to ring the wind chimes to go outside to potty, even without prompting! He's so stinkin' smart!

Thought you'd like the update on my special little guy.

Wishing you well,



...then Stephanie came back and got little


"Don't let her pink tutu and tiny size fool you... Penelope's got a *big* personality that perfectly complements our family! Her brother Winston is ALL boy, but she holds her own, even though he is very playful and more than twice her size. The two of them have become fast friends, even snuggling in the same doggie bed this afternoon for a nap. Penelope is also a snuggle-bug lap-lover, and incredibly tolerant of her adorable (hamster-sized) dress, which is fun for me, too! Everyone has fallen instantly in love! Thanks, again, for raising the most perfect puppies to join our family!"


And so little Penelope lived happily ever after with her brother, Winston!..

IMG_4138.MOV IMG_4138.MOV
Size : 751.148 Kb
Type : MOV




"Here are some pictures of Tommy.  He’s doing great!  He was a little apprehensive on the car ride home and it took a little while for him to get comfortable in his new surroundings, but now he’s making himself right at home!  He is such a character and so so cute!  We have his playpen setup in the extra bedroom, next to Ashley’s room and that seems to be working out fine.  It’s carpeted in there, so Rick put an underlayment down, then laminate on top of that where his playpen goes.  He slept in there all night with the gate shut without any problems.  He didn’t like being in there at first alone, he whimpered and cried for awhile, but did settle down and sleep through the night fine.  He’s been out mostly with us during the day, with the gate open and he goes in there to eat, play, use his potty pads and rest.  We’ve shut the gate a couple times leaving him in there for short periods at a time by himself, to start getting him used to when we go back to work and school (then he will be in his playpen for 3 to 4 hours by himself).  He’s doing better with it, but he really prefers to be part of everything that’s going on!  He’s sitting on my lap right now as I type this!  I think he will be  fine with everything once we get into a routine.  If you have any tips on getting him used to playpen by himself for short periods during day and at nighttime, let me know!  Or anything else you can think of.  I’ll gladly take any advice you can give!

 We’re thinking we’ll keep his name as Tommy, it seems to fit him.  We want to thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy and agreeing to let us adopt him.   It’s easy to see how well he’s been cared for and loved."

 Thanks again,


"Paisley is spoiled rotten! She has tons of clothes and bows. She has about two or three beds around the house, but instead of laying in them she would rather be on the couch or in my bed. I have attached a picture of her on Christmas, she wasn’t too happy that I made her take that picture. Talk to you soon and have a Happy New Year!"




"Hi dear, 
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Benny has been doing so well and we love him so much. He brings so much joy to our life and the best of all he gets along with my cats well. He is smart, happy, energetic and confident for a such young puppy. I take him everywhere when I'm off: shopping, tennis club, friend's house and he has a lot of friends already. He kisses everyone who holds him and everyone wants to babysit him now.  He stays home alone with my cats in Kitchen area when I work. He handles well for the days I can't be home for 12-13 hrs ( only 3 days/week and my husband comes home during the lunch time to check on him). He also is doing well with his potty training and occasionally made a little accidents when he was confused. I told my friend you are a great breeder and they need to get puppies from you when they need ones. I like your website and how you really care about them. You are doing a great job and thank you very much! I will send few pics with next email."


Benny Video.MOV Benny Video.MOV
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"She adjusted very quickly and is doing really well! :) she loves both of the other dogs and plays with them. Here are a couple pics of her. She loves to explore under the blankets! She is very playful and sweet! She is so perfect for this home."  -Alyssa



 Hi LaWanda!  Wanted to share a few more pics of Lily.  What a blessing she’s been to our family!  Lily’s doing GREAT and already VERY attached to her new mommy (and she’s pretty fond of her Grandma too!).  Lily adjusted much quicker than expected and gets along wonderfully with our other two 4-legged girls.  She has slept through the night from the very start, no crying whatsoever.  Lily does have a little separation anxiety when we all have to leave the house but I’m sure that will get better as she gets older and realizes that we will always come back.  She’s a very playful, happy and SPOILED little girl.  Miss Lily has her first appointment with our vet this week on Thursday. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled across your website.  Your family is EXACTLY what we were looking for when looking to adopt another little girl.  I’m still trying to talk my husband into going back to get Sammy but, so far, I haven’t made much headway although he has already become very attached to Miss Lily.

Thanks again for trusting us to bring Lily into our family!

Hi LaWanda!  Just wanted to share of few more pics of Max and Lily.  Max has adjusted very well and is just as happy and spoiled as the rest of our 4-legged babies.  Lily seemed to recognize Max immediately and was SUPER excited to see him!!  Although Lily seems happy with someone her own size to play with, their favorite game seems to be “dog-pile on Dutchie”.  Max is such a little snuggle-bug and makes it very difficult for me to get out of bed in the mornings. He LOVES to play ball!  They are all getting their picture made with Santa next weekend so I’ll send you a copy.  Thank you so much for blessing our family with these two little bundles of joy.  Our house is full but so are our hearts.  

God Bless and Merry Christmas!







Hi LaWanda,

Sorry I have been so negligent in keeping you posted on Pippa’s progress.  The main problem has been that she HATES to have her picture taken and I didn’t want to send an update without a picture!  Trying to get a picture of her looking at the camera has been very difficult, but Tom finally got one about a week ago where she was lying next to his desk. 

Her weight has been 4.9 pounds the last 2 times we were at the vet, so it looks like she has topped out at just under 5 pounds.  I know Maltese can be finicky eaters, but not Pippa.  She doesn’t miss a meal!  She will be 9 months old next week, which is hard to believe.  And what a personality that little girl has turned out to have!

She is healthy and happy, but very much is the boss and definitely has a mind of her own!   She tends to be a little yappy, and will bark at us until she gets what she wants.  She is a tomboy and will not stand for a pony tail, so we have opted to keep her in a puppy cut.  We have re-homed our friend’s miniature schnauzer and Bogie and Pippa are best buds.  But despite her size, she is very much the boss in their relationship.  If he has a chew bone and she wants it, she will lay down staring at him and bark until he gives it up.  She then picks it up, prances across the floor and puts it in her bed.  She loves to tug on their stuffed animals with him and 9 times out of 10 she will win because she won’t give up until she does.  When he lets go she trots away with the toy and puts it in her bed.  She also loves our flip flops and picks them up one by one and takes them in her bed.  Tom calls her our little hoarder.

Since I am still working and Tom is home all day he gets to see a lot more of her than I do.  He said Bogie has taught her how to chase birds off the fence and she isn’t that far behind him when they run across the yard.  She is really fast for a little dog!  Since she watches everything he does, she has also figured out how to jump up on the furniture, which is something she had never tried before he came along.  Since she is small she has to crouch down to get some spring when she jumps, but she figured it out.  There is no doubt she loves having him around and would be lonely without him.  Since she watches everything he does she has also turned out to be a 100% outdoor pottier because she has to do whatever Bogie does! 

Well, I need to get back to work.  Enjoy the picture and be assured Pippa has a good home!


Tom & Carol came back and got Luca!





Here are some recent photos of our little Lila Jane!  She is the best dog EVER!  She is super soft and cuddly and she loves attention.  When we take her outside, she stays close and is good about coming back when we call for her.  She knows when it's bedtime and she'll whine to go into her pen.  Sometimes we let her sleep at our feet and she will stay there until we get up in the morning.  She only barks when she thinks she hears someone at the front door, or when a doorbell rings on tv, which is kind of funny!  She seems to like me (mama) the best.  She follows me all over the house and will start to panic if she can't find me right away.  She likes to go for car rides so I always take her with me to get the kids from school.  She even has her own little car seat!  She loves to go camping.  We recently bought a new camper and she likes to hop up into it and make herself comfortable on the bed.  She even goes on hikes with us!  She is the perfect little dog to take camping because she doesn't take up much room, she doesn't smell bad or shed, and she stays on the campsite even without a leash.  Lila is such a good girl and we are so thrilled that she has joined our family!

Thank you for everything!
The McKays



                                                                             Bambi, picked up by Robin for Dr. Schuessler on adoption day.







 "Hey! I just wanted to give you an update on Presley girl! She is growing so fast! We have been working with her on demands, she can play fetch, sit on demand, and roll over on her belly. This week I started walking her with a leash and she got the hang of it right off the bat. Presley loves treats and plays with every single one of her toys. She is also starting to be more verbal, actually barking instead of whining to get her way. She is also going to her first grooming appointment Tomorrow. She is so cute and loving. I am going to attach a picture from today after our walk she was so exhausted afterwards when we got closer to the house and she recognized where we were she took off in a full sprint it was so funny. She is our baby! (I couldn't help myself I had to post a couple more pictures lol)"





" We are so happy with our little guy, and very glad we got a puppy from such a loving and caring home,We Love him to pieces!!  Thank you LaWanda and Curt for all your help in answering questions and giving us such good advice, We can't thank you enough!"

Callie & Merlin

"We took Boo to the vet today and he did wonderful! He was a behaved little gentlemen. All the other dogs were acting naughty and barking, but Boo just stayed still and quiet like a posh little puppy! He was brave for his shots and the vet said he was perfect!! Thanks again!"




Merlin & Callie came back and got Spanky!







"T&T are doing awesome.  We took them through a training class this summer, and they responded magnificently.  Sit, lie down, shake, play dead, stay, watch me.....they can do every command we learned with flying colors!  We did the spay/neuter thing a couple of months ago, and they have healed up great.  I'll send pictures next time I take some.  

Last time they went to the vet, Tebow was 8.2 lbs, and Taylor was 6.1 lbs.  She is a dainty little thing compared to Tebew....who is a brute.  But it does make them easy to tell apart.  They still love to play with each other and wrestle and chase tails.

Taylor and Tebow have quickly become part of our family in every sense of the word.  They want to be with us all the time. They are so loving and trusting, without a hint of aggression.  They don't even have food aggression, and will happily eat out of the same the same time!  They love to play with each other and with us, but also love just to lay beside us on the couch or in bed.  They have quickly become our favorite dogs we have ever owned."





"Armani has been with us for two weeks. He has adjusted very well. He sleeps through the night, or at the very least doesn’t wake us, as long as he is not alone. His puppy apartment is right next to our bed.  He is our baby boy and we are his peeps. 

He has so much personality. Last weekend my 6’4” brother came over to play with him. They played “hand–monster” and my brother pretended to be scared of him. When Kevin left, Armani strutted around like he was Armani the Giant Keller, the leader of the pack.  He had to go to time out three times that night he was so full of himself. He was back to his usual sweet self the next morning.  As one of our friends put it “He is so stinkin’ cute.”

He comes when he is called, sits on command (he does this especially well when he thinks treats are involved), and he is doing very well with his potty pad training (an 85% success rate at eleven weeks is very good). Today was his first day at the groomer, he was a champ-pictures attached. He crashed when we got home, but an hour later he was up, having had a snack, and then back to playing, this time pull the Walgreens bag.

We had a beautiful Maltese with a champion pedigree for fourteen years, Abbey Road. Her death left big holes in our hearts, and she left big paw prints to fill. I had been looking for a puppy for several mouths and what I was seeing locally was not the type of situation I wanted to support. The breeders weren’t “bad,” but I wasn’t convinced that the puppies I saw had been given the loving care I wanted my new puppy to have experienced. Buying from Little Maltese was a pleasure. I had my doubts about buying a puppy online and then driving eight hours down and eight hours back to bring him home.  The “Little Maltese” experience was just what LaWanda and Curt said it would be, and Armani was worth the drive!

We “adopted” a happy, healthy puppy, or as my Veterinarian described Armani; “A quality puppy.” from a loving family.

Thank you for getting our little fur-face off to a perfect start!"

Linda Strelluf and family






 "Jazelle is doing GREAT! She is such a smart and loving dog. She knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, and dance!
It is SO incredibly cute. We just love her so much. I attached a few pictures of her mostly sleeping and cuddling next to me! :) She loves her beauty sleep that's for sure.
And she absolutely loves going to petsmart, which we do about 2 to 3 times a week, haha. She is beyond spoiled!
She had her first taste of "people" food other than blue dog food on thanksgiving (turkey), and she loved every bite of it! ;) Maybe my son and I can get a video of her doing her tricks and send them to you this weekend!
Thanks for checking on her, she is doing great!
When we took her in to get her rabies shot about 3 weeks ago,she weighed a little over 4 pounds and is continuing to grow. The vet said that she looked very healthy and that she'd probably only grow around another pound or so. But she definitely likes her treats, so we'll see.  LOL.
            She is just the best puppy ever!!!!  :) "








    "Several weeks prior to July 27, my husband and I decided that we were ready to adopt a female Maltese puppy that we had wanted for a long time. We had never owned a Maltese before but had heard from several friends about Maltese being wonderful dogs to own. We knew the timing for getting a puppy needed to be toward the end of August so that I could finish my masters degree in order to spend  time with the puppy. We decided to look online to find a breeder. We knew that finding an AKC registered female Maltese was important to us so that is what we typed into the internet search engines.
      After looking at several websites where there were no puppies available,
I stumbled upon LaWanda Beyer’s “Little Maltese” website. LaWanda advertised that her puppies were all still available and could go home on or after August 15, 2011. Talk about PERFECT timing for us!
     I emailed LaWanda and set up an appointment to meet her and the pups.
She was friendly and very helpful with all the information she gave me.I had a million questions for LaWanda and she always answered them promptly and was a joy to talk to.
     On Saturday, July 30, we made the drive to Coalgate, OK to meet LaWanda’s puppies with the intention of choosing one of the females to be a part of our family. Just as we had hoped- we found her! We put a down payment on our puppy and named her Macy. Our experience with LaWanda and her family has been more than perfect. I knew from all our correspondences and meeting her family in person that the dogs were well cared for and healthy.
    On top of her dogs being wonderful, LaWanda always went out of her way
to keep us updated on our little darling by sending us pictures, videos and even telling us stories of what Macy had been up to. We now have Macy and she has adjusted to our home very well. We are so happy to have her in our lives and she is constantly making us smile.
   Macy is sweet and spunky and I know it is because she was lucky to live in such a wonderful environment for the first 9 weeks of her life. “Little Maltese” is a great place to get a loving, healthy Maltese puppy and I will highly recommend them to ANYONE!"

                                                                                         ~ Caitlin & Donny
                                                                                   from Norman Oklahoma



Hope you've had a nice weekend! We were in Dallas for the weekend and had a great time. One of our best friends stayed at our house with Macy and took great care of her.
Apparently they cuddled and watched football alllllll weekend. He said we found such a "quality" dog and I couldn't agree more. What a blessing she is to us and of course she's still being spoiled rotten. We got her official papers and pedigree the other day and that was really cool!! Take care :)

                                                                  Caitlin Greenawalt

"Hiii!!! So good to hear from you!! smile I really enjoy seeing all your postings and pictures about what is going on at Little Maltese! Macy is doing so well and she still just has the best personality! We love her to pieces and couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family! She is so smart, loves playing outside and with her toys and loves meeting new people and dogs. She is so friendly all the time!! She has been doing this thing lately where she tilts her head and looks straight at you when you're talking to her and it seems like she knows exactly what you're saying to her. We sometimes forget she's a dog! I could go on and on about yet. She is just perfect!!"


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