Your puppy will come to you well socialized. We are not a kennel and rest assured, our puppies are not locked away in some barn out back. Our adults and puppies live in our home with us and are apart of our family. Your puppy was born and raised with love and care as if it were our own newborn baby.. seriously, it's ridiculous! LOL We handle from birth. They are played with and cuddled on a regular basis. Occasionally, they may be dressed up too ;-)
One thing that sets us apart from other breeders is our very intricate and dedicated potty training program that starts as soon as puppies are toddling at four weeks old. Before going home, your puppy should be at least 80 to 100% trained to pads. Of course their new environment may confuse them at first, so accidents are to be addressed with patience. But if you follow our potty instructions, you should expect nothing but success!

We also start working with our puppies on good behavior and manners. Of course this is a process not achieved overnight or in a few short weeks, but the earlier it's started, the better. Some of our puppies know "sit", "no", and "come" before leaving us. We also start teaching your puppy that biting is unacceptable.

 Please let us know if you do not want your puppy vaccinated. We honor and respect this request as holistic breeders. Please let us know before your puppy is 9 weeks old. After 10 weeks old, your puppy has had his/hers first set of immunizations. After 12 weeks old, any puppies in our care traveling out of state must be vaccinated against rabies by law of Oklahoma.

The health of our puppies is our first priority in breeding. Although we would rather "vaccinate" our puppies with a healthy immune system instead of shots, most adopters want their puppies vaccinated. Proper methods and schedules of vaccination are very important for a puppy because they can be susceptible to infection and weakened immunity. Vaccines are a very controversial subject. Please become educated on this and know your vets protocol. It is possible to vaccinate too early and too frequently, basically poisoning your pet into poor health. We vaccinate all our puppies, but not until at least 9 weeks old. And the Lepto vaccine is never given in the first round. Their mother's antibodies will protect them for ten weeks or so, so anything before 9 weeks is just going to lower your puppies immune system drastically. Your puppy will come with a vaccination schedule providing you with the vaccines your puppy has received up to the date of purchase and when its’ next vaccinations are recommended. We  highly recommend that when vaccines are started, you do not take your puppy around puppy parks and other places where there is high dog traffic until your puppy has received the full series of puppy vaccinations. This is just common sense precaution.


We use a mild wormer that we obtain from our veterinarian. Our adults are wormed every 6 months and right before pregnancy, and puppies are wormed on a schedule and right before leaving our care. You will receive a schedule of your puppies worming and what was used to give to your vet.

Your puppy will be on a diet of NutriSource and/or  Tiki Dog. We have done extensive studies on dog foods and this is our food of choice for our puppies. Please see more Info on our Diet page. If you do prefer to feed your puppy a different type of food, please do the transition gradually and after your puppy has adapted to his new home and is under less stress. Also please read the link below on pet food.

For more information on pet foods, please read:
                     "Food Pets Die For" Jeff Feinman, VMD, CVH
Although you should already be prepared for your baby before pick up, we want to be sure you have everything you need for your puppy's first few days. Your puppy will go home with a complimentary goodie bag containing most of the following:
  • The Little Maltese care information brochure
  • Any sponsor coupons and information
  • Health, Micro Chipping, & Immunization records
  • State Certified health certificate
  • Spay/Neuter Confirmation Card
  • Registration papers (mailed after spay for teacup females.)
  • Food
  • Sample of Eye Envy eye care (for possible tearing due to teething)
  • Teething bone
  • Toy
  • Treats
  • Puppy pads
  • Security Blanket with mothers scent
  • Emergency honey stick
  • 30 day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan with registration
And whatever else I decide to throw in there!
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