Puppy Shopping List

We suggest having these items on hand for your new baby. If you wish, feel free to order them through our store, which has been created with all the items we use here. It is secure shopping through amazon.

~Puppy Shopping List~

~NutriSource Grain Free Chicken or Lamb Dry Food

~NutriSource Canned Varieties Wet Food

~Fresh Filtered Water. We suggest an R.O. water system for your home to avoid eye tearing issues.

~Food Dishes

~Healthy Grain Free, Meat Based Training Treats.

~Puppy Potty Pads (Wal-Mart brand is affordable and work well.)

~Playpen and/or Gates (Pictured below is one we like.)

~Dog Carrier

~Puppy Bed and/or Bedding

~Toys & Teethers (Nylabones are a hit) for Toy Breeds

~Collar and/or Harness and leash for Toy Breeds

~Combs, Brushes, & Nail Clippers for Toy Breed

~PH Balanced Puppy Shampoo/Conditioner (We use Isle of Dogs and/or Top Performance and Johnson's Baby Shampoo on the face.)