This is a binding sales agreement.

We will, and have, upheld to all of its limitations.

You are not just adopting an animal. You are adopting a family member, a precious life.  

As the adopter of this dog/puppy, you agree to uphold to the following:

  • You promise to love and care for this pet with the best of your ability.
This includes providing proper vet care, grooming, shelter, quality food, and fresh water. Maltese owners need obtain hypoglycemia awareness. Extra attention needed to grooming, including attention to their ears & teeth.

  • Buyer agrees to spay/neuter this pet.
Puppies are adopted with limited registration only and are not to be bred.
Little Maltese reserves the right to repossess said Maltese and it's offspring, without refund, if found to be bred.
Puppies are micro chipped and preregistered to the ownership of Little Maltese until proof of spay/neuter.
Buyer/Vet agrees to return our Spay/Neuter Form, completed by your veterinarian, upon receipt of procedure.
For the health of your female puppy, Do not spay before 7 months of age, but before 1 year. Males should be neutered between 5 & 6 months.


  • Buyer agrees to never give away or resell this pet to any pet store, pet trafficking, or puppy mill.

  • Buyer agrees that in the unfortunate event that this pet need to be re-homed or surrendered, adopter will not leave this pet at a shelter or drop off area, and will contact  Little Maltese for assistance in re-homing this pet if needed.
We understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise. Please let us help you find the best home for your Maltese.

  •   Buyer agrees to register their puppy with the AKC. Why Register?... click here!



  • Little Maltese is not responsible for any health issues that develop after you take physical custody of your dog/puppy.You have seventy-two hours to return said pet if found ill.
We highly recommend you have your veterinarian look over your pet during the first  seventy-two hours of your possession if you have any concerns.
If your vet finds your new dog/puppy in poor health that incurred prior to adoption you may bring him/her back to us with a statement from your vet, and at your expense, and we will refund your money. This only includes conditions proven to be missed by our vet and present before you took custody. After seventy-two hours no refunds are issued.

  • Little Maltese is never responsible for any incurred vet bills on your new pet after it leaves our premises.

  • Little Maltese does guarantee against any fetal hereditary diseases for one year.
Buyer must provide test results from a licensed vet within one year of adoption for a refund/replacement. We reserve the right to have our personal vet retest at our expense. Liver shunts are not hereditary or covered under our guarantee, but we have NEVER had a liver shunt, EVER.

  • Any legal matters involving this said pet will be held in the state of Oklahoma. Carter County.

  •  Little Maltese is not responsible for any legal costs that could ever incur in the matter of this pet.

  • Little Maltese reserves the right to repossess said pet (*and offspring), without refund, if ever shown to be neglected, abused, *bred under limited registration sale, or not in accordance with this agreement.


(To be signed by the breeder and the adopting family at pick-up.)

Copyright 2015 Little Maltese Wilson, Oklahoma. All rights reserved.