Little Maltese uses conventional and holistic methods in the breeding and raising of our dogs and puppies. We always use natural and organic nutrition, and also use natural methods of health care whenever possible. There are times when conventional methods work best, and we try to find that happy balance so that we can bring up the healthiest, happiest, most gentle puppies! Our training doesn't stop at teaching your puppy how to eat hard foods. We also potty train and start manner training in various commands and anti-biting. We want your puppy to be gentle but yet playful, obedient but yet curious. But most of all, we want your puppy to sweep you off your feet and make it's forever place in your home!


Our puppies are usually reserved before birth or even conception, as our Maltese are not bred on a regular basis. Our Maltese are our pets, and this is not a kennel or puppy mill. The waiting list is usually full before each litter is even born. If you would like to be added to the waited list, a $200 deposit is required to hold your place as a good gesture of commitment.

Pippy and Kitty are now Retired.

Patsy is now Retired.

Gracie is now Retired.

All puppies will, for now, be offspring of our male, Watson. He has an amazing pedigree of Russian & Ukraine champion bloodlines. And be mothered by Sofia or Rosie, also having amazing CH pedigrees, see Our Maltese page for more info..


Adoption fees vary depending on quality and form. Please contact us for more information.

We do not glamorize the term "teacup". 

Some puppies may be held longer for observation before offering to the waiting list/public.

If you adopt two puppies, you will be given a $100 discount.


Other adoption services and assistance are free of charge.

See our Available Rescues page for non-affiliated Maltese in need of homes.

If you are adopting a puppy to be a therapy dog and go through therapy dog training, you are eligible for a discount upon certification. Did you know that the Maltese breed is known to be the perfect candidate for therapy dog training due to their loving nature? Check out A New Leash On Life Inc to learn more about therapy dog training.


We require a $200 deposit to hold a puppy until it ready to go to it's new home and/or to be added to our waiting list. Your deposit is a good gesture of commitment and will be deducted from your adoption fee balance. If you require delivery or meeting with your puppy, transportation fees apply and are to be paid before travel.

If you back out of your adoption, your deposit is nonrefundable. Deposits are immediately used to order supplies for your pet and other personalized paperwork. If you back out, these things will need to be redone and repaid for.

Using PayPal: A PayPal invoice for deposit will be emailed to you upon approval of your adoption form. A PayPal transaction fee of 3.5% will apply.

                                             DEPOSITS: We accept cashier's checks, PayPal, and cash for deposits.

PAYMENTS: We accept cash payments at the time of pick-up or during visits.

FYI/SCAM ALERT: It is illegal to pay for an animal in full without first meeting the selling party in person.

Puppies must be paid in full on pick-up day. Only cash or PayPal are accepted on pick-up day. No checks!

          Okay, I want a puppy, Where do I start?

If you are ready to commit to adopting a puppy and/or waiting for one, please read through all our information and then fill out an adoption form. Please fill out the form completely and tell us a little about your family so we may know you better. Upon approval (and background check) of your adoption form, you can then place a deposit to hold your puppy and/or spot on the waiting list. If using PayPal, our preferred method, we will email you an invoice to pay through. Once your deposit is made, sign up for our email updates to receive all news on planned litters, puppy growth, and more! Click the bone at the bottom of the page to get started! And welcome to our furry little family!

Adopters are always welcome and encouraged to come to our home and visit and pick up their puppy personally. This allows you to see where your puppy has been raised and also see the rest of our Maltese. If this is not convenient, we have a few other options available below:

Option 1:
We are willing to hand your puppy off to you personally at our nearest Dallas airport if you wish to fly in and fly back with your puppy via carry-on. There will be an extra $200 charge for this delivery of your puppy to the Dallas Fort Worth airport/area to cover our 4 hour drive, time, and transportation costs. You will need to purchase and bring with you a medium sized, carry-on, airline approved carrier. We will sending another bag home with you with all your necessities for the trip back, at no charge.

Option 2: If you are unable to travel or fly, we are also occasionally willing to fly anywhere in the United States to personally hand deliver your puppy from our home to your door on a date convenient for us. Non-refundable deposit, flight, and delivery compensation must be paid in advance. Remaining puppy adoption fee to be paid in cash only, in person, upon delivery. Expect to pay $1000 for carrier delivery for this option. Please email us for an estimated delivery and flight quote.

Option 3: We are also happy to meet you by car if needed, for a reasonable distance, to get your puppy for an extra $50/hr. But, if you are within driving distance, you are encouraged to pick up your puppy at our residence so that you can see the parents and be rest assured of your puppies atmosphere and upbringing.

Option 4: Jet-A-Pet.

We prefer not to ship puppies outside the United States (via cargo). We do not wish to guarantee the health and well being of a puppy after it leaves our hands and is left unattended, and we are not willing to leave an innocent, tiny, fragile puppy to the mercy of the airlines, unfamiliar people, and an anxiety promoting atmosphere. Maltese are prone to anxiety and hypoglycemia, and we are not comfortable with shipping in this way. But if you are determined to adopt a puppy from us and you live outside the U.S., email us with details and we'll see what we can do. We will/have worked with Jet-A-Pet International to safely transport and although the process is extensive in process, this is the only way we feel comfortable in exporting.

Puppies go home with a Spay/Neuter Form to be completed by your Veterinarian. Some puppies may be spay/neutered before leaving.
This form is to be returned to Little Maltese upon receipt of procedure.

Unless discussed with us first, our puppies are adopted out with limited AKC registration.

We protect the heritage, blood lines, and well being of our Maltese. Our puppies are DNA tested/protected & micro chipped. Anyone found to be breeding our puppies without consent will be in default of our purchase agreement and your dog/puppy (and its off-spring) will be repossessed by us.

We will, AND HAVE, upheld to this agreement. We take this matter very seriously. There are too many careless breeders and abandoned dogs.

If you desire to breed your puppy you get from us, you MUST discuss it with us first. You must be an experienced breeder in good standing with the AKC, and have impeccable references (including one from a licensed vet).

Female puppies (under 4 pound estimated adult weight), or, also known as "teacups",  runts, are ALWAYS adopted out with limited registration. NO EXCEPTIONS. Registration papers are mailed out after we have been provided with proof of spay. Failure to do so will result in your puppy being registered to the ownership of Little Maltese. Spay may be done prior to adoption.


Once you register your puppy, you will receive a free 60 day trial of pet insurance from the AKC. You will also get a certificate for a complimentary first vet visit! This pays for your registration fee! We recommend getting your puppy registered right away and taking advantage of this insurance for all your puppies initial check-ups.

It may seem like a redundant act, but let me explain to you why it is so very important!


1. Your one time registration fee goes towards invaluable programs for the betterment of dogs and communities. AKC is the only non for profit registry that uses their resources to ensure that breeders are responsible and kennels are clean. They also require DNA testing to be sure breeders are honest about what they are selling you.

2. You will receive an AKC certificate for your puppy. This is your puppy's birth certificate. I don't know about you, but my dogs are like my children, and I would want their birth certificate :) You will also have record of your puppy's AKC identification number, which is different than the litter number your application. This identification number is like your puppy's social security number.

3. This is huge and will alone pay you back for your registration fee.. You will get 60 days of Pet Insurance through the AKC!! Provide your email and you will also get a certificate for a complimentary first vet visit!! The first few months of owning your puppy, you will need immunizations, worming, check-ups, etc. Please take advantage of this.

4. Now that Little Maltese is Micro Chipping, we also encourage you to purchase the optional package for Lifetime Recovery Service. This service will provide you with a collar tag that has your puppies micro chip number on it. If someone finds your dog who does not have a scanner, they will know that your puppy is micro chipped. Many people do not know that once your puppy is micro chipped, you have to register that chip or it's in vane. Most chip services require a yearly fee to keep your chip registered. This is a lot of added expense and you have to remember to renew it. The service from AKC is for life! After this initial package is purchased, it will save you a lifetime of money and is a small price to pay for convenience and peace of mind. You do not have to have a micro chip for this package either. If without micro chip, if your dog is found, his tag will have his AKC number on it. This is like your dogs social security number! (With this package you will also get a subscription to Family Dog Magazine, A Dog Care & Training Video, and 3 Generation Pedigree for your puppy.)

Your puppy will have a thorough puppy physical performed by our veterinarian insuring his/her good health before it leaves our care. Everything from eyes, ears, nose and teeth, to joints, skin, and other structure, will be examined. Your puppy is guaranteed for one year only against fatal congenital defects. Once your puppy is in your physical possession, you are responsible for it's health and well being against all other issues that could arise. For more information on what our Health Warranty covers please  read over our purchase agreement.

We micro chip all Little Maltese puppies before they leave our care. They will be registered with PetLink and under the Little Maltese PetLink account for life. This ensures us of your pets extra safety from fraud and/or being lost or stolen. It also assists us in the event that one of our offspring be rehomed without our knowledge. Your pets micro chip can be registered to you as well through AKC. We will provide you with information on doing so. We encourage you do this to ensures that you and Little Maltese are contacted if your pets chip is scanned. It's double protection.

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption or cancel an adoption at any time.

We prefer not to adopt to families with children under the age of 6 years. But we will consider it.

Please read our purchase agreement and other information on this site before adoption.

Your puppy is health guaranteed for one full year as disclosed in our purchase agreement.

You will be expected to go over educational materials and sign a purchase agreement/care contract upon leaving with your puppy.

Puppies go home between 12 & 16 weeks of age or when we and our veterinarian see fit for the puppies needs.

Although you should already be prepared for your baby before pick up, we want to be sure you have everything you need for your puppy's first few days. Your puppy will go home with a complimentary bag containing some or all of the following:

  • The Little Maltese care information brochure
  • Any sponsor coupons and information
  • Health, Micro Chipping, & Immunization records
  • State Certified health certificate
  • Spay/Neuter confirmation card
  • AKC Registration papers
  • Food
  • Sample of Eye Envy eye care (for possible tearing due to teething)
  • Teething bone
  • Toy
  • Treats
  • Puppy pads
  • Security Blanket with mothers scent
  • Emergency honey stick
  • 60 day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan with your registration.

And whatever else I decide to throw in there!

If you are adopting a Maltese, please familiarize yourself with hypoglycemia and it's symptoms.
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