All Little Maltese puppies go home

 with a spay/neuter confirmation

card. This card is to be filled out at

the time of procedure and then

mailed back to Little Maltese.

Puppies are pre-registered to the ownership of Little Maltese until we receive this card.

Little Maltese requires all adopted puppies to be spayed/neutered during a certain time period. We would gladly have this procedure done prior to adoption if possible, but in the best interest of our puppies health, these procedures need be done at an older age. And the age at which the procedure is done is very important.
Spaying and neutering a dog greatly effects their health. If done too early, it can cause a myriad of health problems.

Early spay/neutering not only increases the risk of developing hip dysplasia by 70%, but also greatly effects the hormones. When a dog's reproductive hormones are surgically removed, the sex hormones disappear. The sex hormones are responsible for more than sexual behavior. They are responsible for your puppy's growth. Early removal causes premature organs, bones, muscles etc. It also opens doors to cancer and other health issues as well. There are specific hormones in a female puppy that actually protect them from developing cancer. A female Maltese should never be spayed before 7 months of age just for this reason.
I hear from a lot of people that have adopted their Maltese from other breeders and they either got them spayed/neutered before adoption or were directed to have it done immediately thereafter. These are puppies being spay/neutered at six, five, even four months old. These people complain of all the health issues their Maltese have had with various organs, especially the liver and bladder. Even personality and potty training are effected.

Spay/neutering is an important subject to us.  We want all our dog owners to be responsible and thoughtful in having this done. We put all our trust in our adopters to do what is in the best interest of their new puppy. And we want all our puppies to live long, healthy, happy lives. That being said, if your puppy is over 7 months of age, and you have not had the procedure done yet, please make an appointment and send us your confirmation card.

Our suggested time frame for spaying your female puppy is between seven months and one year of age.

Our suggested time for neutering your male puppy is right around six months.


If your female goes into heat before you have her spayed, buy some diapers suitable for dogs and diaper her until her cycle is over. This will help keep her menstrual fluid from staining your home. Note that diapers will not keep out a male dog. Please keep your female strictly away from other dogs until her cycle is finished. The cycle usually last three weeks.

If you do not neuter your male puppy before eight months of age, he is likely to start marking his territory IN YOUR HOME. Have this procedure done before seven months. Mark your calendar or put a reminder on your phone.

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