First of all I'd like to start by saying, if you are adopting a puppy, prepare to be a new mommy! Bringing home puppy is going to be like bringing home a new baby! Yay!!!

The first few days might be rough. You and your home are all new for puppy and he/she may be very scared and insecure. Puppy is also wondering where are all his/her siblings are. Your puppy will probably cry through the first night or two. Don't panic, this will subside as puppy get used to you. I promise. Here are some helpful hints in making puppy feel safe and content:

~Make a comfy bed with lots of blankets to nuzzle in.

~Try putting blankets in the dryer for a few minutes to make them warm :)

~Put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel in their bed to mimic a snuggle buddy.

~Buy a heartbeat pillow. (In our store)

~Leave a night light on.

~Leave a radio or TV on quietly for noise.

~Put puppy's bed by yours.

~Make sure puppy has a toy and bone in bed.

Training may be hard at first, but once puppy is used to you, things should go very smoothly. Maltese are VERY smart and catch on quickly. Whatever you want to teach puppy will happen if you stay consistent and offer rewards! Praise them for the good things they do, and they'll keep doing them. They live to make you proud!

It may seem stressing at first, and you may think puppy is just not happy, or "what did I get myself into?".. but don't worry. Puppy will soon learn what is expected of him/her and what your rules are. He will find his place in your family and everything will be just fine. Soon you'll all figure out your routine and the thought of not having puppy will be unacceptable. 

And some puppies are not shy at all and will make themselves right at home! You might be the one sleeping in the dog bed! LOL


Make sure the first week of puppy's arrival is kept quiet and free of chaos. Your puppy will settle in much easier with a nice calm household with just your immediate family. I know you are excited to show off your puppy, but visitors can wait. This is important as to not stress your puppy out, which can throw him into a hypoglycemia attack. Keep things simple at first, please. I can't stress this enough.

Also, Avoid high pet traffic areas, like dog parks, until your puppy has all his immunizations. Your puppy is very susceptible to anything until he is up to date. We send puppy pads with you for the ride home, so I would avoid stopping for a grass patch. Besides, your puppy has never been outside anyway.


Make sure you make any necessary vet appointments for your puppy. This is the only place puppy should go during her first week if needed. Try and make your appointments early to avoid any sick animals coming in that day. I wouldn't put your puppy on the floor at the vet office. And don't be afraid to ask if the scale and table have been sanitized. Protect your baby.

Your health record from us should say when immunizations are due, and I will probably remind you, but don't forget to stay on the immunization schedule. Also, talk to your vet about giving your puppy benadryl before his/her immunizations. Maltese are especially sensitive to the lepto vaccine.

Also, remember that if you have any concerns with puppy's health, you have 72 hours to have your puppy checked out to be covered by our health guarantee. Rest assured, health is our life here, but anything is possible, so if you have any concerns with puppy's health, make sure you take him in. After 72 hours, we will not take puppies back in to our home. We are not uncompassionate. The reason is that we do not know what you have exposed your puppy to while absent from us, and it puts the rest of our pets at great risk. We do this for the protection of our adults and other people's puppies not yet adopted. It's the only way we can guarantee to others, and the only way we guaranteed to you. We appreciate your understanding and of course are always here to answer questions and assist you in any manor necessary.



Please be mindful that your Maltese puppy is very tiny and fragile. Most people do not realize just how small their puppy is until they come pick it up. It's hard to tell on pictures. 

Maltese have very tiny fragile bones. They can break a leg just by jumping off of a sofa, or out of a small child's arms. It's best to make sure you are always assisting puppy until he can use puppy stairs, or until he grows up. It's also best to have children sit on the floor with puppy at first. When puppy comes home, he's scared and may wiggle and try to jump from a child's arms unexpectedly. Be prepared.

Resources for kids from the American Kennel Club:

AKC's Responsible Dog Owner Tip Sheet (Printable)

AKC's Responsible Dog Owner Coloring Book (Printable)

AKC's Bailey Goes Home Activity Sheet (Printable)

AKC's Kids Corner (Contests)


Also watch puppy's eating the first few days. Make sure he's not too scared to eat, which can lead to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). If needed, feed from your hand to be sure he is in fact eating. Watch for signs of hypoglycemia. Any concerns warrant a call to us or to your vet. Your vet can check blood glucose anytime. Also keep honey on hand. I'll be sending a honey stick home with you.

Please keep your puppy on our diet. If you choose to switch brands, please do it gradually, AFTER they are comfortable in your home. Please read our "Diet" page, and also the article, "Food Pets Die For." on that page.

Never feed your Maltese rawhide products. Rawhide gets very gummy, and basically turns into gum. Maltese have been known to get it lodged in their throat and choke to death.

Do not feed your Maltese Greenies brand bones if they are under 5 pounds.

It is never recommended to feed your dog your leftovers. Although we have given our dogs fresh baked chicken, fish, and hard boiled eggs as a treat, unseasoned, skin removed.

Please read our article: How Should I Feed My Maltese.

Make sure your house is puppy proof:

Pick up and small toys, like tiny barbie accessories, marbles, beebee's, anything puppy could choke on. Also tuck loose wires and cords away. Look up any house plants you have and make sure they are not poisonous to puppies. Don't leave candy dishes out. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

AKC: Dangerous Foods & Household Items

Make sure your yard is puppy proof:

Pick up dangerous debris, put away any lawn chemicals, don't have your yard sprayed, no pest poisons around, and button up any gaps in your fences! Maltese can squeeze through tiny gaps and dart for the road! I hear this ALL THE TIME!

Keep an eye on your puppy. Maltese are notorious for being stolen right out of your yard!

Also, if you have a meter reader who enters a fenced area where your puppy will be, make sure they do not leave your gates open etc.

AKC: Backyard Dangers

Make sure your puppy is pet proof:

Take into consideration that your puppy may be hurt by any larger pets you may have, or pets that may be owned by others, such as your neighbors. If you live out in the country, be advised that Maltese have been snatched by large owls and drug away by wild animals. Your Maltese can be helpless to almost anything posing harm.


Sadly, Maltese are notorious for being stolen. Always keep a close eye on your puppy when it's in your yard. Also never leave your Maltese alone in a shopping cart, or vehicle. Even with the doors locked. Someone will break the window to get to your puppy. Make sure your puppy has I.d. tags, even better, a microchip.

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